What is a 'Jackpot Slump,' and How You Can Get Through One

“Jackpot Slump” refers to time that occurs between jackpot prize opportunities: after one prize has just been won, but before the next one is ready for the taking. This down-time can often lead to lower attendance, as many players are only interested in winning the “big” prize. While it’s possible the time between jackpots in your bingo hall isn’t too severe, the dip in attendance, regardless of how significant or how long it lasts, doesn’t go unnoticed.

That’s where a few tactics to keep excitement and spending consistent in your bingo hall can come into play!

Bring ‘Em Back: Implement different events or games in your bingo hall that are specifically-designed to ensure players return to play again. For example, create an “Attendance Award,” made to reward regular attendees. Provide players with an “attendance card,” and stamp their card for every main event they attend in a 10-week span of time. At the end of the 10 weeks, hold a game to with the “Attendance Award”—a set amount of money, plus $10 for every stamp on their attendance card.

Drop New Products: During the span of your “Jackpot Slump” is the perfect time to drop new products or try new ideas that can drum up some player excitement. Have you ever tried hosting a Black Light Bingo Party? Now is the time to stock up on fluorescent paper and black lights and try it out! For an idea that requires less event-planning, consider ordering and advertising a new licensed ink dabber, such as this Cheers-themed ink. The possibilities are endless, and can be as large- or small-scale as you prefer.

Make Offers They Can’t Refuse: During the “Jackpot Slump,” the objective is to bring players in to your bingo hall to play your day-to-day games, and keep them in their seats until the big pot rolls back around. In order to make sure your players keep coming back, offer things like a “Too Good to be True” package that offers great deals, but is only discounted at the door. This way players are more likely to commit to purchasing the package up front, rather than purchasing from the floor on a game-by-game basis. Another tactic is to establish a minimum buy-in. A minimum buy-in provides you with a consistent figure you can work with, and also helps to cut down on those who come in just to play for the big game and don’t contribute to the maintenance of the fund. To sweeten the deal for buyers, however, include a freebie like a voucher for one free coffee with minimum buy-in.

Good luck, and may we all pull ourselves through the “Jackpot Slump!” Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? Try these ones during your next slump!

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