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Bingo Game Ideas to Try at Your Next Bingo Event: Starburst

Sometimes playing the same rotation of games can become boring for you and your players. Keeping your game ideas fresh can be beneficial, in that it gives your players the opportunity to learn and try different bingo games. This could, in turn, attract new players or encourage current players to keep returning to your events. You might find your next big bingo hit! Check out this bingo game you may not have tried yet:

Starburst Bingo Paper and Tear-Opens

Starburst Bingo Paper has a starburst image randomly printed on one of the 24 squares of every bingo face. If someone bingos using that starburst square, you can offer a bonus prize: alternately, you can use it as an extra wild space during regular game play. You might consider making the bonus prize a sum of money, a prize donated from a local sponsor, or extra game play.

To add a little more to your Starburst games, you can also try incorporating Starburst Tear-Opens into game play. These can be played as supplementary game play during different individual games. Try playing these as a progressive jackpot game: sell Casino Starburst and start the jackpot at a predetermined level. If a player wins a bingo on the starburst, the jackpot is awarded. If not, a consolation prize is awarded and an extra dollar amount is added to the jackpot.

If you’re looking for a super simple way to change up your regular sessions, Starburst Paper and Tear-Opens are a great option—give them a try! Got any other great ideas for bingo hall games? Let us know in the comments!

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