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Autumn 2022 - Bingo Hall Ideas

FALL Speed Ahead: Celebrating all that is “Fall”!

Dreaming of pumpkin lattes, caramel apples, turkey, and mashed potatoes? So are we! Flip flops are so yesterday… It’s finally Autumn, a favorite season to many who enjoy the fun foods, festivities, and cooler weather – and a return to their favorite bingo venue!

Spice up your traditional fall bingo games with these seasonal bingo patterns!autumn-bingo

Ready to spice up your game, even further? Instead of calling out “I-16” for example, replace the B – I – N – G-O with the following autumn-themed ‘caller’ names!


It's Football Season!


For your football fans, let’s face it: for them, there are 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Football and Winter – so use the football patterns and indulge those fabulous fans by hosting a Bingo Football Night! Perhaps a local sports store can donate an NFL (CFL, for Canadians!) regulation football as a prize for one of your evening’s bingos! Patrons can also be encouraged to wear their fan football gear and by round of applause, the best dressed ‘fan’ can be awarded a free buy-in at your next bingo!football-bingo

Halloween is October 31st!


Host a Halloween Bingo, inviting patrons to ‘drop in for a spell’! Patrons can dress up and by round of applause, the best costumed patron can be awarded a free buy-in at your next bingo! “Pick your poison” when announcing the beginning of the bingo game; put up a welcoming sign: Enter if you dare, foolish mortals; Welcome to your nightmare; Boo to you from our crew; We’re told ghosts don’t give a sheet; Let the ghoul times roll; Witches welcome; If you’ve got it, haunt it!; Please park all brooms at the door!; Home to one cute son of a witch!; Ghouls just want to have fun! – and the list goes on! Halloween is a fun time, so celebrate – and consider introducing one or more of the following “fangtastic” patterns to liven up your bingo session! Don’t forget to check out our Halloween ink offerings: they are really ‘spooktacular’!


Don’t forget about Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to celebrate Thanksgiving (Canada - October 10; US - November 24) with our colorful bingo paper and our fabulous selection of colorful ink dabbers.


With all the wonderful food associated with Thanksgiving, see if a local bakery will sponsor a ‘Baked Delight’ of delicious, bakery-made fall confections. What a great way to promote a local business and use as a winning prize in your bingo game. Keep the “Baked Delight” basket on display during the bingo session and talk it up as the session progresses. Get the maximum ‘press’ for the local bakery – and create excitement among your patrons.

Christmas will be here before you know it!


It’s not too early to think of your Christmas/December events, so while you're online checking out our great offering of products for the fall season, don’t forget to check the Christmas ink dabbers: new designs for this year!


Check our web sites for ideas as to how you can reinforce the cleanliness and safety of your venue – and welcome your players back – with confidence! 

promo-materialsCHECK OUT OUR PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Download and print promotional materials from your computer. Choose from posters, flyers and postcards, add your organization's name. Also, includes safety signage you can use in your hall - printable PDFs.

Bingo-patternsBINGO GAME PATTERNS: View and download Arrow's bingo game patterns and probability. Find new game patterns to engage your players in the new years.


Download our latest Bingo Hall Ideas - Autumn 2022

Don’t hesitate to ask your local businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! It’s great advertising for your local business owners!

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