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Summer 2021 - Bingo Hall Ideas

Bingo Road Trip!

Summer has arrived! As the COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in many areas, thoughts of road trips are gaining popularity! Why not consider a bingo road trip for one of your upcoming bingo events: it should lift everyone's spirits - and provide plenty of fun!

Turn left...no...turn right...STOP! Incorporate these fun road sign bingo patterns in your next game!


Have some fun with your players. Many Americans are looking to hit the road this summer and are heading out to drivable destinations. While some things have changed, the allure of vacationing behind the wheel remains as strong as ever! You can opt for games that use the above patterns, or you can opt for the following additional game, with your entire evening's sessions. Start the narration and intersperse it throughout your evening session - with the goal of having a winner with a straight line bingo! Should be fun - for everyone! And of course, you can tailor the narrative to your locale!


It was exciting, in January, to begin planning our summer vacation. It was going to be a road trip for my wife and me, and we were inviting our  18 -year-old daughter to join us (a trip we wanted to take before she turned  21 ) along with my parents aged  60  and  62 . We spent  1  weekend (actually  12  hours) planning the  10  to  14 -day trip, which would take us from our home on West  25 th to route  42  and from there, onto the shore way (routes  2 ,  6 , and  20 ) where we would pick up my parents from their condo # 36  @  27  52  Lake Road. From there, we would head west to Route  57 , then south and east to Route  3 , then south to Interstate  71 . We could have chosen to go via Route  30 , but that was not in our plans. 

July  8 , we began packing. It had taken us  4  weeks to decide what clothes to pack; the car was packed in  70  minutes, and voila: we headed out July  9  - and started slowly, deciding to stop at the  7   11  (open  24  hours a day, but very busy then with only  5  parking spots available) to get some coffee. I was somewhat shocked when I received the bill: $ 16  for the coffees and some pastries? Oh well, back on the road, we continued to mind the speed limits: maintaining  35  mph, then increasing our speed to  40  mph, then  45  mph, and from there moving to the posted highway speed of  65  but actually doing  68 .


We reached Interstate  75 , and from there, we watched the speed limit, which was posted on several stretches of the road @  55  mph and then down to  50  mph (due to road construction). We arrived in Cincinnati in a reasonable time, crossing the Ohio River and driving on into Kentucky! My mother then commented: did you know that Kentucky was # 15  to join the union and that Ohio was # 17  to join the union? We talked a little about the history of the area. It would be another hour and  23  minutes before we would reach Lexington, Kentucky.

That next hour seemed to tick by ever so slowly:  59  minutes,  58  minutes,  56 ,  54  49  48 ,  44 ,  43 … Finally, arriving on the outskirts of Lexington at 5: 39  pm, we decided to start thinking of where we would spend the evening. We saw a motel along the side of the highway: $ 61 .00/night. That suited our budget, although we were prepared to pay up to $ 67 /night (max $ 69 ) if needs be.

We pulled into the parking lot, parked the car then proceeded to check in. Day one of our trip had gone smoothly, and we were looking forward to days with sunny weather, hopefully in the  72 ,  73 ,  74 -degree range: not too hot for driving – with hopefully little rain and temperatures that would not go below  63  /  64  degrees.



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