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Summer 2022 - Bingo Hall Ideas

Let's roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer... those days of sodas and beaches and cheers!

Try out these ideas to add some 'summer fun' to your bingo events!

Beach Bingo: host a beach bingo event and have guests come in with their best bingo beach hat and sunglasses, and by round of applause, award the 'best presented' beach-goer with a free buy-in package at your next bingo event.
Bingo patterns to consider as your celebrate your Beach Bingo:summer-beach-patterns

You could also try Golf Bingo: reach out to a local sports store or pro shop and see if you can get a donation for a golf-related item to award the winner of your golf-themed bingo event!


Bingo patterns to consider for your golf-themed bingo event:summer-golf-patterns

Celebrate Canada Day!


Canada Day is July 1st! Plan a "red and white" bingo to celebrate all that it means to be Canadian!

Celebrate Independence Day!


Don't forget July 4th as a wonderful day of celebration. Take your cue from the local festivities and tailer a bingo with a celebration of red, white, and blue.

With all of these events, don't forget to check our website for our fabulous array of ink dabbers with colors to match every event need!

Our health and safety is most important during these uncertain COVID-19 times. Remember to promote healthy behaviors and maintain healthy environments to reduce risk when large events and gatherings are held.

If COVID-19 restrictions are such that you cannot host your bingo event for the time being, make sure that your patrons know that things have been delayed by posting notices on the door of your venue and also keep them apprised of ongoing developments via phone texts/social media. Bingo will return! Remember: we will get through this – together! It is also important that we have a healthy 2022!


Check our web sites for ideas as to how you can reinforce the cleanliness and safety of your venue – and welcome your players back – with confidence! 

promo-materialsCHECK OUT OUR PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Download and print promotional materials from your computer. Choose from posters, flyers and postcards, add your organization's name. Also, includes safety signage you can use in your hall - printable PDFs.

Bingo-patternsBINGO GAME PATTERNS: View and download Arrow's bingo game patterns and probability. Find new game patterns to engage your players in the new years.

Download Summer 2022 Bingo Hall Ideas
Download our latest Bingo Hall Ideas - Summer 2022

Don’t hesitate to ask your local businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! It’s great advertising for your local business owners!

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