Bingo Spy – Improve Your Hall by Going Under Cover

Ever wonder how your players perceive your hall, club and games? You may have a good facility, friendly, hard-working volunteers, a well-stocked snack bar, the latest equipment, a lively caller and a solid line-up of packages and games. From your perspective, everything seems fine: however, did you ever think to step back and look at things from players’ point-of-view? It’s really the only way to truly discover what is working well and where you can make improvements.

Select a few upcoming bingo sessions in your hall and attend them as a player. You should have some other workers on your staff do the same. As undercover players, make notes of your observations both good and bad. Make sure every aspect of the session is documented – even the smallest detail can prove useful in improving your business.

The quality of your facility, your customer service and your game all need to be evaluated.

1. The Facility

  • Start from the beginning of the evening as you are arriving.
    • Is your hall easy to find, or will potential new players have trouble locating it?
    • Does the building have curb appeal? If not, what can you do to make it more inviting from the exterior?
    • Is there adequate parking?
    • Is the parking lot well-lit and free of litter?
    • Are entrances clearly marked?
    • Do you have someone at the door greeting players?
  • Now Move to the inside of your facility
    • What is the first impression you get walking into the hall?
    • Is everything clearly marked to let players know where to go for paper, pull tabs, food, programs, restrooms, etc?
    • Are your programs easy for new players to understand?
    • Does the facility look clean and bright?
    • Are the tables and chairs set up neat and proper?
    • Are the restrooms clean and well stocked?
    • Are your food offerings varied enough and tasty?


2. Customer Service

This may be the biggest aspect of making sure your customers have a good time at your hall. The impression players get from your workers is important.

  • Are workers friendly, knowledgeable and helpful?
  • Do they speak loudly and in a polite tone?
  • Are they enthusiastic about your games and promote your game offerings clearly?
  • Are they approachable and willing to assist new players?


3. The Game Itself

The setup of your game is very important as the bingo balls begin to tumble and the players get set to dab.

  • Is your equipment up to date and reliable?
  • Are the flashboards and monitors easy for all to see?
  • Is the caller loud, enthusiastic and easy to understand?
  • Does the caller limit his banter between calls?
  • Is there plenty of room at each table for all of your players?
  • Do your sessions offer variety?
  • Is your game exciting and fun?
  • Are your players complaining about anything? If so, what?

Remember to be objective in your review – you’re looking at this from the player’s point of view. So do a little investigating and see what information you can learn about your venue. Seeing your game from the other side can be a very eye-opening experience.

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