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Using Surveys to Improve Your Players' Bingo Hall Experience

As you reopen your bingo venue, all of us need to remember:  the world has changed! 

  • Yes, you may have sanitized your venue and put plans in place to ensure ongoing sanitizing throughout the day/sessions. 
  • You may also be advising that your workers will be wearing masks and gloves, based on directives from local governments.
  • You are probably practicing social distancing and ensuring that players’ areas are literally ‘measured’ off spaces.

All that is good and will go a long way to making your patrons feel comfortable again, in your venue.  Why don’t you also consider customer surveys, as you reopen – just so that your customers know you are receptive to additional input and that you are clearly interested in ensuring that patrons keep returning – and that they are so impressed that they are bringing along some new ones!!!

The following are some suggestions we are providing as to what you might want to include in your survey, again, so that you can slowly bring back your bingo, your pull tab tickets' venue - and your customers – and we can all begin to feel safe in this ‘new world’.

Using Customer Surveys

Creating a survey will help you get insight into your players' thoughts and feelings about attending your bingo hall, bar or club after COVID-19. Surveying your players will allow you to take actions to put any “nervousness” about returning at ease and generate ideas on what they would like to see once they return to your bingo hall, bar or club.

If you have your customer's information such as name and email address, take advantage of using an online survey generator such as Google Forms, Survey Monkey, or Type Form. Many of these sites offer free surveys you can create and send to your player's email. Arrow has also created a two example surveys you can use to ask player specific questions.

Download PDF Pre-Reopening Bingo Hall Survey

Download PDF Post Reopening Bingo Hall Survey

We hope you find these surveys helpful.  Let us know in the comments!

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