Celebrate Sweater Weather in Your Bingo Hall

As summer ends, patio season is out and sweater weather is IN. You can hopefully expect to see more players in your hall as the weather becomes chillier, and heightened attendance means the opportunity to raise more funds with fun events!

We suggest celebrating Sweater Weather by hosting a Fall Sweater Party—encourage your players to wear their favorite fall fashions and to participate in some fall-themed activities and bingo games. Hold a contest for best fall sweater, and offer prizes that range from cash to free game play, or even prizes as simple as decorated pumpkins or Halloween decor. Different categories of your fall sweater contest can include “Funniest,” “Most Fashionable,” or “Most Original.”

To add some charity to the mix, consider teaming with organizations such as local shelters to collect donations of sweaters for those less fortunate, who might be extra cold in the coming fall and winter months. While you’re at it, collect hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets, as well! To encourage donations, consider offering discounts on games or paper packs with donation. Homelessness is a constant and growing struggle in a lot of metropolitan areas, and although it’s a complex issue that needs a lot of time and resources to combat, it’s something that everyone can play a part in eliminating, however small the part may be!

Read about some of our other Fall Bingo Hall Ideas on our Resources page, and let us know if you celebrated Sweater Weather with any other events or specials!

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