Express Yourself in Style with Our Custom Bingo Ink Program

Ask any bingo enthusiast and they’ll tell you that their favorite daubers are more than just a giant ink marker. Today’s daubers are highly decorated and specialized, making them the ultimate form of expression for bingo fans. Whether a player totes certain daubers around as fashion accessories or prefers specific ones because they bring good luck, it’s important that your bingo hall provide a wide selection of bingo ink to your customers.

Rather than selling a standard lineup of dauber options, you can raise the bar by offering custom bingo ink. Why do customers love this? Let’s talk about why custom bingo daubers are such a hit and how you can make them happen for your venue or next big event.

Why Do People Love Custom Ink Daubers?

A person’s favorite bingo dauber can take on an almost supernatural presence in their bingo lives. On bingo night, they simply won’t leave home without it! Despite the fact that bingo is incredibly popular, you can’t find daubers in most stores — which means that players will seek out their daubers at your bingo hall.

This provides a huge opportunity for advertising via custom bingo ink! By ordering custom sleeves, you can imprint your bingo daubers with any design you please, integrating the name of your bingo hall and your logo in order to advertise to everyone who sees or picks up the dauber. Bingo players love to stand out from the crowd, so they’ll line up to purchase custom bingo daubers.

What Kind of Design Should I Choose?

You can outfit your custom bingo dauber sleeves with any design you’d like (as long as it passes our approval process)! Deck out your daubers with your bingo hall’s name and logo. Paste them with patriotic designs for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Get the holiday season in full-swing with Santa and Rudolph bingo daubers. Turn every bingo night into a party with fun, sassy, and humorous daubers that your customers will want to use and collect.

If you want to use your own design for custom bingo daubers, Arrow International makes it easy by providing easy-to-use sleeve templates on which to submit your artwork. If you’re not an artist, no worries! We’d be happy to create a custom design for you; just tell us what you have in mind!

Custom Bingo Ink for Any Event or Venue

You may think of custom bingo ink as something that’s only for huge bingo establishments that place extremely large orders and have lots of money to spend. When you order from Arrow International, this isn’t the case — we can accommodate custom bingo ink sleeve orders both large and small. With a five-case minimum for each order and an extremely affordable cost per unit, we make custom bingo ink available for any bingo hall or event, no matter the size. Our quick turnaround time means that you’ll have your order well in advance of your big event.

Show Off Your Ink in Style

Once you receive your sleeves and your daubers are ready to go, make sure to display them in a way that customers can easily see them and choose the perfect one. Our square metal display is a compact way to display custom bingo daubers. To really show off a wide variety of designs, stock them in a snazzy ink spinner. This type of display makes them easy for customers to see and access a large number of designs all at once.

Do you have questions about the process of designing your own custom bingo ink sleeves or want to keep in the loop on the latest in bingo, pull tab, and charitable gaming solutions? Visit Arrow International’s website and sign up for our newsletter!

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