Finding the Perfect Floor Walkers for Your Bingo Hall: What to Ask During the Interview

As a bingo hall operator, your floor walkers are your main point of contact between yourself and your player base, and they play a large part in making players' bingo gaming experience the best it can be. Therefore, it’s very important that your floor walkers are a perfect fit for the attitude and culture you want to set forth in your bingo hall. The question, then, is: What can you do on your part to ensure you bring in and keep the best floor walkers? There are a couple ideas for questions you can ask at the interview that will elicit telling responses:

  1. “If you’re comfortable sharing, what is something that happened to you recently that was really embarrassing, and how did you handle it?” Whether it’s a story about tripping in front of a crowd, or maybe even dialing a wrong number, pay attention to your prospective floor walker’s facial expression, and how they explain the situation to you. Are they good-humored? Were they able to turn the situation around?
  2. “Have you held any positions in which you juggled multiple responsibilities or tasks?” This is an easy one: You want to make sure your floor walkers have and are able to display the ability of multi-tasking without getting overwhelmed. Do they get frazzled easily? Are they level-headed?
  3. “If you were a bingo caller and the power went out, what would you do?” Here’s an interesting question, where the way they answer the question might be as important as the answer, itself. Pay attention to their ability to think quickly in a time of crisis.

Why are these questions important? The answers don’t exactly matter; however, their attitude while answering is what is most important. Make sure to pay attention to their facial expressions, their mood when telling you about their experiences, and how they dealt with adversity. Look for people who's answers and personalities are light-hearted and exuberant, but who have level heads. You don’t want to enlist anyone who doesn’t seem to enjoy their job, or the people around them. Bingo isn't just about paper and dabbers: recognition, service, and a positive attitude with players are they key to return business!

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