Get Snowed In with a “Snowpocalypse” Event in Your Bingo Hall

Winter is here, and while it plows through your neighborhood, make sure your community knows that bingo is the perfect way to stay inside and stay warm with your friends while waiting for spring! Consider hosting a bingo “Snowpocalypse” marathon event at your bingo hall, and encourage players to enjoy the beauty of the snow from the great indoors.

Decorate your hall in a snowy, winter theme and encourage players to dress in their favorite comfortable clothing, like pajamas and slippers. While advertising the event, consider asking players to also bring warm winter necessities like hats, gloves, or blankets, to be donated to those in need! You can always create extra opportunity to help others, when you’re creative. Organizations like Hats 4 the Homeless make it easy to collect and send donations— or a quick online search can help you find an organization close to you.

If your bingo hall offers concessions, consider teaming up with a local restaurant or food truck that is willing to donate cozy comfort foods, either in full or in part. Soup, chili, warm drinks like cider, or mac and cheese are a few options. Not only do these snacks fit in with your event’s theme, but they also encourage players to stick around longer and participate in the marathon.

If you are able, offer special extended hours for the event, with new and different specials throughout the night—the longer your players can make it through the marathon, the better deals they’ll get! Offer package deals with winter-themed titles or various games, and offer snow-themed prizes.

Some ideas for snowpocalypse prizes include snow shovels, sleds, snow shoes or boots, winter car accessories like snow brushes or heated seat pads; or for larger prizes, snow blowers or gift cards for outerwear. A grand prize idea could be to offer personal snow plow services during the snowy season, or a weekend stay in a cabin or lodge.

Show us how you celebrate the “Polar Vortex” in your bingo hall— Good Luck!

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