Impact Your Games by Introducing New Bingo Game Patterns

Cover a straight line on your bingo card and that’s all there is to the game, right? If this was true, bingo games would quickly get tiresome and boring. That’s why it make sense for your bingo hall to switch things up a bit by introducing new bingo game patterns into the mix.

Simple or Complex: Whatever You Choose

Bingo game patterns can be straight-up and simple, if you’d like. Something like a horizontal line is easy for any player to understand and play for — and it gives players five different ways to win. Bingo game patterns like a Six-Pack or Four Corners/All Calls are also an easy way to add variety to a game. 

You can also up the ante by requiring players to cover any two lines or one line plus four corners. The letters “X,” “T,” or “L” can also make an appearance on a winner’s bingo card, making the play infinitely more interesting and competitive.

Themed Bingo Game Patterns

Bingo game patterns are an especially great way to make games more interesting for holiday or themed bingo events. Ring in the New Year by having everyone attempt to make a Champagne Glass pattern. A Heart shape is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Kick off your Spring Fling Bingo Bash by requiring players to make a Crazy Kite shape. To get the holiday spirit going, try for a Christmas Tree.

Ideas and Inspiration for Bingo Game Patterns

While you can play nearly any bingo pattern you can dream up, there’s a huge number of classic ones to keep your customers entertained. If you’d like to learn all of these patterns and get ideas for new ones, download the Arrow International Game Pattern Guide below. It’ll give you pages of bingo game pattern inspiration, with options from Any 2 Corner Stamps All Calls all the way to the Zero pattern.

Game Pattern Stats

In addition to giving you ideas for your next bingo lineup, the guide will also provide you with all of the numbers you need to plan out your next event. For each shape, based on how many cards are in play, you’ll know the average number of calls required to get a winner, which will give you an idea of how many games you can fit into your program. The guide also tells you the average number of winners for each bingo game pattern.

Take Your Bingo Game to the Next Level

New game patterns aren’t the only way you can wow your customers and improve their experience at your bingo hall. Upgrade your venue with state-of-the-art equipment that makes the game more fun for your customers and your bingo caller. A shiny new Envoy Bingo Console, for instance, features cutting-edge touchscreen technology, an optional live ball camera, and a built-in ball timer that keeps gameplay steady and consistent throughout the program. The Envoy Bingo Console also allows operators to customize their own ball patterns, wowing players with patterns they’ve never seen before.

Spiffy new bingo gear isn’t just for your caller; you should also provide high-quality equipment for your players. This means offering a wide variety of bingo ink daubers, from glitter ink markers to patriotic and cartoon character choices. High-quality bingo paper is important, as well — both to keep your players happy and for your staff to better track sales and prevent fraud.

From exciting bingo game patterns that take each program far from the same-old, same-old to top-of-the-line equipment, it’s important to make sure that your bingo hall gives customers something new, fun, and fresh. To find out more about the latest in charitable and social gaming solutions and equipment, check out the Arrow International website and take a moment to sign up for our newsletter.

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