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How To Legally Host A Gambling Fundraiser

Hosting a charitable gaming event is a great way to give back, and it’s easy to get started! Because the requirements for hosting charitable gaming events vary by region, and even within some regions, the best thing to do is an online search for “charitable gaming” in your specific state or province. Below are a few points from the Casino.org article on hosting a legal gambling fundraiser.

1. Choose a charity. Find a local cause in your community. Consider where focusing your efforts will reap the most rewards and how your time will be most effective.

2. Make sure it's legal. You need to research appropriate state and local charitable gambling laws and apply them throughout the planning stages..

3. Check that your cause qualifies as a charity. Once you've chosen your charity and research state gaming laws, check to make sure your chosen cause qualifies as a charitable organization related to gambling events and fundraising

4. Find out the laws about prizes. If non-cash prizes are to be featured at the event, via raffles, bingo, pull tabs, etc., make sure you know the different legal requirements about each. Remember, gaming laws differ from state-to-state.

5. Plan the event. How will you run your gaming event? Who will call BINGO, sell pull tabs, handle money, serve food, and more? You will want a theme for the evening to create excitement. It's important to give yourself time to plan the event.

6. Ask for volunteers. There are rules about who you can hire to work at charitable gaming events. It is best to check your state and local charitable laws about using volunteers..

7. Seek sponsorship and prize donation. Consider working with local businesses for sponsorship and prize donations. Partnering with a local company is a great way to cross-promote businesses in your community.

Read the entire how-to article from casino.org "How to legally host a gambling fundraiser" to start generating funds for your local charitable cause!

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