Make Summertime Bingos Fun with a Bingo Corn Hole Toss

Summer is officially here, and that means people are enjoying patios and outdoor games. Why not bring the outdoors into your bingo hall with a game of Corn Hole? Encourage your players to get up and move for their bingo win, by incorporating this game into your regular game schedule.

How to Play

Ask local businesses in your area if they are able to donate or lend a corn hole set to your hall, and set it up in a designated space that's easy for players to see-- you might even consider decorating this space with things like grass carpeting and a small picket fence for an extra splash of summer. Begin playing a game using the inside frame pattern (as if the frame were the “corn hole”), and have any winners go up to the corn hole to toss the bean bags. This inside frame paper is one of our Capitol Specialty Paper Quick Dab options. Any player who can toss a “Corn in the Hole,” where the bean bag goes through the hole, wins a free admission packet for their next game, in addition to their game winnings.

This game can also be played in a number of other ways, so you may find that one of the following works for you:

  1. Play the inside frame pattern game until there are two winners; then, have them play a single round of corn hole against each other. The player with the most points at the end of the round (according to the general rules of the game) receives a jackpot amount or a free gameplay.
  2. Designate a series of bingo games to a corn hole competition, where winners play rounds of corn hole to be eligible for a final round. Winner of the final round receives jackpot.
  3. For an extra-difficult win or final round, give players one chance to toss a “Corn in the Hole” to win a grand prize.
  4. Have players make a donation to a charity you currently support for a chance (or an extra chance)

If you try this activity in your bingo hall, be sure to post on social media and tag us so we can check you out! For more summertime bingo ideas, download our latest Bingo Hall Ideas flyer. Good luck!

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