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Package Pricing in Your Bingo Hall

Looking for a way to ramp up game sales? Have you noticed players purchasing a lot of the same games, night after night? Want to make purchasing gameplay at your hall quicker and easier? Packaging some of the games you offer might be an effective way to alleviate these things, and to get players interested in games in which they don’t normally participate.

Package pricing is when multiple games/types of games are offered to purchase together at a discounted price. Normally these packages are a combination of double and triple level games with several single level games, and may also include things like tear-opens or U-PIK-EM cards. Packages can be tiered for players to choose what suits them best: smaller, moderate, or larger packs can fit your player’s needs, as far as how much they’d like to spend or how much they’d like to play. Game packages can also be programmed into your electronic POS for easy cashier tracking and selling.

Package pricing on your games can be great for your hall for a lot of different reasons. The first, and probably the simplest reason, is that it can cut down on time spent in line for your players. Players can quickly choose which package suits their needs and get to it! Another reason is that packages allow for easy sales and up-sells by your cashiers: If a player wants to purchase multiple games, your cashiers can easily offer a package that gives them more at a greater value. When players feel like they’re getting more for their money, they're more likely to purchase more, and consequently you’re more likely to raise your desired player spend.

A couple tips to keep in mind when planning your package pricing are:

  • Keep it simple. The more simplistic your packages are, the easier it is for cashiers to sell and more likely players are to purchase.
  • Try to incorporate some of your slower-selling games. Not selling a lot of tear-opens? Offer them as added bonus games to packages to get them into more players’ hands
  • Allow additional “a la carte” or “upgrade” sales to packages. It can be so easy for your cashier to ask “Would you like to upgrade your package to [number of games] for only $5 more?”
  • Incorporate some of your sponsors or charities into the packages. Players will enjoy packs with fun names, and it's always important to be reminded of the charities they’re supporting with their purchase. If one of your charities is a food pantry, call a package the “[Charity Name] Lunch Pack.” If it’s a children’s hospital, call it the “[Hospital Name] Kid’s Pack.” Get creative!

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