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Pay the Player as Soon as Possible: Time-Saving Tips to Help your Hall Run Smoothly

When you’re running a bingo hall, keeping a smooth and timely schedule is important for the purpose of organization and for player satisfaction. Here are some time-saving tips to make sure your bingo event lineup runs smoothly and is as enjoyable as possible for your players:

Organize the layout of your hall. Make sure pathways and sales areas are clear and organized, so your employees and your players are able to easily accomplish sales and prepare for game play. Consider trying new seating layouts that will better suit your players. Use multiple screens or flashboards so everyone can see, no matter where they’re seated.

Verify and pay the winner as soon as possible, at their table. This will do a number of things, including keeping your event moving, without holding up the next game. You’ll also be better accommodating your players who have mobility issues: by coming to their table to verify and pay out their prize, you’re saving that player from leaving their table to walk to a verification station or cashier. Another thing to consider, is that If players have their winnings in-hand immediately following their win, you’re giving that player more opportunity to spend those winnings on the floor that night, possibly allowing them to buy extra games of concessions. An easy way to quickly verify winners is to use the UniMax Auditrack system, which keeps your games secure and your wins fair. The serial number, along with the other safeguards, make it quick and easy to verify winners and keep your program running. Learn more about our bingo security in our blog post.

Find an acceptable speed at which to run your bingo games and stick to it. Inconsistent calling speeds might not give you a clear estimate of game length, and that could be detrimental to your night’s lineup. Keep a steady pace throughout the game, and let the intensity of the game be a deciding factor for speed. It’s important to pay attention to your audience and the speed that works best for them, but don’t solely rely on it—everyone has their own internal clock!

What tips do you have to help keep your main bingo event lineup running smoothly throughout the evening? Let us know in the comments—good luck!

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