Personal Seat Licensing: What it is and How to Use it at Your Bingo Hall

Personal Seat Licensing, as it is used in major sports leagues, is the fan’s ability to purchase the exclusive right to a particular seat at the venue and the right to purchase tickets for any number of games throughout the season in that seat. Because the fan has the right to the seat, whether or not they go the games means they can also sell those game tickets to others.

If you’re a fan of major league sports, you’ve most likely heard of Personal Seat Licensing, or purchasing season tickets. Did you ever consider the possibility of doing this at your bingo hall? This concept can easily translate to be used in bingo halls, with various changes to fit your needs. Here’s an example how this might work in your bingo hall: A week prior to the day they would like to play, players can pay a $10 per day fee to reserve a stationary unit, with a minimum of a three-day reservation. The fee reserves a specific machine for a specific day. As an incentive, players with PSLs get as much a discount when they come in to play on their reservation day. The result is increased profit for the hall plus it ensures players do come for the reservations they have made. The fee is per session, and players are allowed to reserve entire weeks if they wish.

The PSL-players get a couple of extra perks by doing this. They don’t have to stand in line; instead they give their money to a special hall employee who completes their purchase. They also don’t have to get to the hall hours early to get their favorite machine. They do, however, have to show up before a given deadline or their reservation will expire and their PSL fee is non-refundable. This type of reservation might secure more long-term players at your hall, as it might make them feel more inclined to return often when they know they won’t have to wait in line, or suffer the possibility of not getting there in time to get the machine they want (and that if they don't attend they'll lose their PSL fee).

A couple things to watch out for, when implementing a program like PSL, are; to first make sure the price you’re charging for this is one in which customers will find value, while also making sure it's worth the time of your establishment to execute; and also, to make sure all terms of your program are displayed clearly for customers. If the fee is non-refundable, or if they are able to release their reservation in a certain amount of time, make sure players are aware of these details. Maybe also consider having players show ID to confirm their reservation when they attend. Good luck!

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