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Pull Tabs - Quickest Way To Generate Big Revenue!

Pull Tabs are a great way to re-engage your players in these uncertain times –but please be mindful of state and local jurisdictional rules governing the play of pull tab tickets.

Cash is the oxygen of your charity! Breathe some life back into your pull tab ticket sales!

Concerned that players may not have the money to spend that they did pre COVID-19? Offer 25¢ & 50¢ tickets as a way of re-engaging your players. 25¢ and 50¢ tickets offer your players great entertainment value and more chances to win!

Concerned that players will lose interest in games that do not pay out or play out or lack significant winners by the end of the session? Consider shorter count games: whether they are instants, seals, event games or subsetted cash board games, depending on what is approved in your local jurisdictions/states. These will work well for the smaller attendance you may realize, initially – and will create winners – quickly! Winners excite players and more winners mean more players! And remember to celebrate your winners!

Concerned that players may be uncomfortable with too much hand to hand contact in purchasing and redeeming pull tab tickets? Consider prepackaged – and pre-priced sales. Create baggies or rubber-banded tickets worth $5, $10, $20 – or whatever you think your players will purchase – and have them ready for purchase at the time the players enter your hall – and make sure they are priced, for easy purchasing. Also, indicate that these have been pre-bundled by floor workers wearing sanitized gloves. During the session ask your hall workers to continue to promote the prepackaged tickets and make it clear to your players that only bills will be accepted (no change) and again, no bills can be ‘sweaty’/wet – in the interest of safety in the venue.

Concerned about getting volunteers to re-engage?  Promote your game in the local venues: grocery stores, universities. You might be surprised to find out that the younger generation, particularly millennials, have a sense of selflessness that leads them to engage in social causes – that make a difference! Whatever you do, ensure that your advertising indicates the minimum age for participation in your state. For most states, it is 18 – but there are exceptions which can be found on the internet link:  casino.org

Advertise the games you are playing! Use flares or whatever other advertising material you have! Review all the high traffic areas in your venue such as restroom traffic, canteen traffic, smokers’ section, players waiting in line (practicing social distancing) – and sell your tickets accordingly! Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your pull tab ticket sales!

Ensure that you make your players aware of the charity/charities you are promoting and all the good that they do in the community: Volunteer Fire Departments have been known to purchase a new fire truck costing $300,000 with the proceeds from bingo and pull tab tickets sales. 

Advertise, advertise, advertise: use your local news stations to promote your bingo games; use local newspapers, businesses and churches to promote your bingo games – and in all instances, ensure that you indicate the charity/charities that are being funded! 

Awareness is key to attracting new players!

Nevada Gold II:  Leave no stone unturned! Consider the Nevada Gold II ticket dispensing machines as an alternative to having someone sell pull tab tickets! While an investment upfront, it will undoubtedly pay for itself in short order as it allows for ‘contactless’ purchase of tickets, allows for a variety of tickets. Each of the 4 columns on a 4 column ticket dispenser can hold up to 1,000 tickets and you can have 4 variety of tickets, 1 for each column AND you can have multiple denominations ($.25, $.50 and $1.00 tickets – one for each column! Additionally, you can dispense event tickets in addition to the familiar instant win tickets! The Nevada Gold II is reliable on so many fronts from its sturdy construction to its durability and report generation! This is an “employee” who will never miss work!

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