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Social Media Groups & How to Use Them to Promote Your Bingo Event

If you plan a really great event at your bingo hall and no one’s around to enjoy it, did it ever really happen? Of course, it did! You probably already advertise your events through local media, social media, and community calendars, but you might be missing a couple key pieces of important information that ensure your advertisements are best reaching potential players.

Social media groups like Facebook Community Groups are a great way to reach a broad local audience, but it’s important to know how to be a valuable member and maintain a good relationship with the other members. Here are a couple ways to better promote your events on social media:

  1. Make sure you have permission or know the rules when posting information on any community or social media bulletin boards. This way, you can be sure it won’t be taken down for violating any of their rules and that you’re posting in the most appropriate place.
  2. If your post is removed or if you’re asked to remove any promotional material, do so, but consider asking the administrator what rules were violated and if there’s anything you can do to make it right. It not only provides you with good information moving forward, but also builds a positive relationship with board moderators.
  3. Connect and contribute to community discussion—don’t just promote your events. You’re a part of the community and should show other members that your establishment is authentic and cares about local issues and topics. Besides, it helps keep your content from being reported as spam.
  4. Explain where your funds go in your promotional posts. Transparency is important, and showing the ways you’re positively impacting the community makes potential players more interested in what you have to offer. Is your event benefiting the local fire department? A senior center? An animal shelter? Will you use event funds to purchase new equipment? Make sure your post mentions it to the group.

Online etiquette is important when creating a professional and community-centered reputation for your bingo hall. Remember these tips when promoting your bingo hall events on social media to ensure your content is visible and valuable in your community.

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