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Want More Players? Here are the Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Bingo Event

The key to raising funds at a bingo event is to sell bingo paper and pull tabs. The key to selling lots of those is to pack your hall. To do this, you need to let as many people as possible know about your upcoming event. Without paying for expensive advertising, what’s the best way to promote your bingo event? Here are the five best ways to get started.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Your Bingo Event

Social media is perhaps one of the most important ways you can promote your bingo event. First of all, it’s free, meaning that you aren’t spending money on advertising. Second, everyone is on social media these days, making it a fantastic way to reach a wide demographic of customers. Once you get your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts established, make sure to update them often, keep them accurate, and have someone monitor them in order to respond to questions or comments.

2. Utilize Municipal Facilities and Websites

Many municipalities have a website that features a calendar of upcoming events hosted by local organizations. Make sure your bingo hall is one of them! Also check to see if your local municipal offices have external bulletin boards on which you can advertise. This is a great way to promote your bingo event and put information about it in front of as many eyes as possible.

3. Work with Local TV and Radio Stations

Your local television and radio stations are also excited to let people know about what’s going on around town. In fact, many local stations feature a calendar on their website where people can get ideas about things to do, from farmer’s markets to wine tastings and — yes! — bingo events. Some will require you to call in and submit your information, while others will feature an online form for you to fill out. Either way, these website calendars are free and are an excellent advertising tool.

4. Get to Know Your Local Businesses

Talk to the staff at your favorite mom-and-pop coffee or sandwich shop. If you frequent their location because you love their food and they make you feel like family, many other people in your area do, too. Small businesses often have bulletin boards where they allow other businesses and entrepreneurs to post advertisements for events and products. Having your event advertised by a place that’s a local favorite is a huge seal of approval for your bingo hall!

5. Bring in the Visitors

When you promote your bingo event, it’s important to bring in locals, but why not bring in tourists and visitors to your area, as well? Head down to the tourism marketing agency for your area and talk with them about your venue and upcoming events. Quite often, they’ll have a website where they direct visitors who are looking for something to do while they’re in town. After all, there’s nothing like a fun night of bingo to make a trip memorable!

BONUS: Make Sure to Follow the Rules

As you work to promote your bingo event, make sure you don’t run afoul of any rules instituted by your regulator or any of the venues/platforms through which you’re advertising. This could mean getting permission before posting information on community bulletin boards or at municipal facilities. It also might mean including your bingo license number on advertisements (something required by certain regulators). Always clearly state what any funds generated from bingo card and pull tab sales will be used for. Also, don’t forget to include the date, start time, and address of your bingo event, as well as contact information people can use if they have questions.

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