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Upping Your Game - Spring 2024

Introducing Upping Your Game! A brand new blog from Arrow International where we explore innovative ways to elevate your game and keep players engaged and excited!

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Put a ‘spring’ in your step and celebrate! After all, the worst of the winter weather is behind us!


As spring blooms around us, it's the perfect time to embrace the season's spirit and infuse your bingo hall with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

Off to the races? May is an exciting time for horse race fans! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby (Saturday, May 4), the Preakness (Saturday, May 18) and/or the Belmont (Saturday, June 8).

Whatever your pleasure, take advantage of these great horse race events and incorporate their themes into your bingo. Based on what you are able to play in your local jurisdiction, you may want to consider a Horse Race ticket game: lots of fun and player engagement. These games are event games with one or more “downline” winners, one or more bingo ball hold winners, and several instant winners.

Learn More About Bingo Event Games 


Download Downline & Derby Games Flyer

Watch the video below or talk to your local Sales Rep about how these games can ‘jazz’ up yours!


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12!


Host a special Mother’s Day bingo and have your patrons bring a “Mom” to your bingo event: someone who has not played bingo before, at your venue. Celebrate all the “Moms” who have influenced you/your life. Enter the ‘new’ Mom players’ names into a drawing and award the winner a free buy-in at your next bingo! Always look to how you can create new players!

Consider some of these flower-themed bingo patterns to celebrate Mother’s Day:


Victoria Day (Canada): Monday, May 20

Memorial Day (US): Monday, May 27

Whether you are celebrating Victoria Day or Memorial Day, take a moment to celebrate the military groups who have kept us protected and continue to do so with their commitment to service. Have your players “ask a Vet” to attend. You can put the names of the Veteran attendees into a drawing and the winner can then be awarded a free buy-in at a future bingo. And don’t forget to introduce your “Veteran guests” and let them tell you about their service: We must never forget!

Check out our new 3-Window Instant Win Popp-Opens tickets, designed to honor and support those who have served our country!


Click each logo below to download the game flyer!

veterans-logo    heroes-logo    let-freedom-ring-logo    legions-logo    salute-your-soldiers-logo

Download the flyer for all five games here

For Memorial Day, check out our patriotic-themed 'Land of the Free - Home of the Brave' ink dabbers to enhance your bingo event.



Download Patriotic Ink Flyer

Don't forget to also check out our 'American Monuments' bingo ink markers - great for any patriotic-themed event!



Download American Monuments Flyer

Father's Day: Sunday, June 16th


“Bring a Dad”! Just like with Mother’s Day, bring a Dad to bingo – other than a regular patron – and have the ‘new’ players’ names entered into a drawing for a free buy-in at a future bingo! You might even want to award them an ink dabber! Again, look for ways to create new bingo players! Honor the Dads attending your bingo by asking them to stand up and give them a round of applause!

Don’t forget our fabulous assortment of ink dabbers to complement your wonderful spring-themed events!


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As with all the celebrations, don’t forget to check out our ticket offerings to compliment your celebratory bingo events!


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