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Upping Your Game - Summer 2024

Good weather! Good vibes! Bring on the sunshine!

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It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy HOT days outside and to host CHILL fun nights at your bingo hall!

Summer is holiday time: school's out and there are lots of outdoor activities to pursue! If bingo hall attendance is not what you normally expect as a result of vacations, rethink some of your games and perhaps consider introducing low count ticket games to your bingo event: sure to be a crowd pleaser with smaller groups - and sure to generate additional excitement!

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National Bingo Day

Host a special "National Bingo Day" event! Encourage your patrons to invite a new player or bring a friend to play bingo! Give each 'newbie' a complimentary bingo face for each game being played, along with a free dabber for the bingo event. Why not 'treat' your players to some cookies that spell out BINGO? Or get creative and transform your cookies into bingo balls by adding a pop of colorful frosting! Who doesn't like a little snack while playing BINGO?!


Bingo has so many benefits, in addition to being a charitable event where proceeds go to a good cause. Bingo also allows for people to build social connections, increase hand-eye coordination, and maintain cognitive abilities and focus - and that is not limited to 'older' individuals. However you celebrate National Bingo Day, ENJOY - as there is so much to celebrate!

Canada Day


July 1 is Canada Day! Consider a "Canada Day" bingo event and celebrate the 'red and white' with our selection of red and white bingo papers along with our fabulous ink dabbers!


Independence Day

John Adams (the 2nd President of the United States) wrote that America’s independence should be celebrated "...with Pomp and Parade, with... Games, Sports... Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations from one End of the Continent to the other from the Time forward forever more."


Create your own Independence Day event - suggest your players wear red, white, and blue 🇺🇸 and consider a giveaway to all attendees: perhaps a Patriotic Eagle 🦅 or American Monuments 🗽 ink dabber to show their national pride - USA! USA! USA!


Download Patriotic Ink Flyer

Download American Monuments Flyer


Check out our newest patriotic-themed 3-Window Instant Win Popp-Opens tickets!


Click each logo below to download the game flyer!

veterans-logo    heroes-logo    let-freedom-ring-logo    legions-logo    salute-your-soldiers-logo

Download the flyer for all five games here  


Celebrate America's Freedom with these patriotic Jar-O'-Do games from Universal Manufacturing!


Download American Freedom Flyer  

Download AMVETS Criss Cross Flyer  

Christmas in July


It's never too early to prepare for the Christmas holiday season, so here’s a sneak peak at our new 2024 Happy Holidays ink dabbers. Be sure to place your order soon - while supplies last!



Download Holiday Ink Flyer


🎅☀️ And while we're on the subject of 'Christmas in July', why not host a Christmas in July holiday bingo event! ⛱️🎄

You could declare a "red and green" day: encourage players to wear holiday accessories (such as a reindeer headband, a festive scarf, or a tacky sweater); play modern holiday music and traditional carols for a sing-along; feature a special red game with green dabbers (or vice versa), and "gift" 🎁 the winner of that special game a free buy-in at a future bingo!

Dabbin' Glow

Try a Christmas tree or snow boot shaped bingo pattern!


Callers and volunteers can dress as Santa and elves too! Be merry - there are so many ways to share the joyful essence of Christmas all year long!


Summer Olympics


Calling all Olympians! Create an 'olympic' event at your bingo and try an Eiffel Tower bingo pattern to celebrate the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. You can create the Eiffel Tower with an 'A' letter as a bingo pattern and award the first player to complete that pattern a free buy-in at a future bingo. Or try another Olympic themed pattern with a 'torch' and award a free buy-in at a future bingo for the winner of that event!



Inspired by the Olympic spirit of competition? Consider a bingo event over several days, under the invite of "Medal with Us!" 🏅 Players may win gold, silver, or bronze trophies just like the athletes!


1st Day:
Players play a special game with the #1 pattern and the winner returns for a future competition.

2nd Day:
Players play a special game with the #2 pattern and the winner returns for a future competition.

3rd Day:
Players play a special game with the #3 pattern and the winner returns for the final competition.


Then, all 3 players compete in a cornhole game to determine the gold, silver, and bronze winners, where "Olympic" medals can be awarded! Let your creativity shine! You can make your own awards with materials from a craft store or purchase mock medals from a local discount store. Fun for all!

Labor Day


Show your support on Labor Day! This holiday was created to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America's strength, prosperity, and well-being. Consider contacting your local hospital or fire station in advance, to see if they accept food deliveries. If so, ask your patrons to bake some goodies then deliver them to the organization, with a card expressing "Thanks for all of the work that you do."


Perhaps you can provide a free bingo game to those who bring in baked goodies for even more chances to win! But don't tell your patrons ahead of time about the 'reward' - let this be a surprise! This is a great way to promote your bingo and who knows, you may even bring in some new patrons with your thoughtfulness! Playing BINGO is a great way to give back to your community!


Get ready to add some spook-tacular fun to your bingo events with our 2024 Happy Halloween ink dabbers! Mark your calendars for October 31st and get ready to treat your players to a night of eerie excitement. Don't miss out on our limited edition 2024 Happy Halloween ink dabbers - place your order now while supplies last!


Download Halloween Ink Flyer

Don't forget our fabulous assortment of ink dabbers to complement your wonderful summer-themed events!


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As with all the celebrations, don't forget to check out our ticket offerings to compliment your celebratory bingo events!


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Don’t hesitate to ask your local businesses for gifts you can use for prizes! It’s great advertising for your local business owners!

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