What are Electronic Pull Tabs?

What is a Pull Tab?

A pull tab is a game of chance, using a folded or banded paper ticket or card that breaks open to reveal hidden numbers, symbols, or letters; some of which designated in advance as prize winners. These tickets are generally used in non-profit bingo hall or bar environments, with proceeds benefiting charities and local organizations. Pull tabs are made in a great variety of styles, themes, and ways to win. While the ticket goes by many names—break opens and charity game tickets, to name a few—Arrow International’s pull tab tickets are called Popp-Opens.

What is an Electronic Pull Tab

Players enjoy finding and playing a variety of exciting pull tab games, and as a bingo hall operator it’s important to keep up with the demand for “new.” One thing to consider to keep players continuously excited to play is by incorporating Electronic Pull Tabs into your lineup. Electronic Pull Tabs employ the same game design, while adapting them to a digital platform that maximizes impact for players. Electronic pull tab games use animation, sound effects or music, and extra ways to win, providing a more immersive experience while playing. This casino-style gaming experience attract more players, including those of a younger demographic.

What sets Arrow’s Electronic Pull Tabs Apart?

Arrow’s electronic pull tab game systems have user-friendly touchscreens; sleek machine design like our stunning MaxFusion Curve cabinet; and support other features such as lighting and voucher printers, so you’re sure to find a gaming system that is right for your establishment. Our extensive game library is sure to entertain, like our newest and most popular games Irish Coins and Badlands.

Get a good look at our electronic pull tab systems by watching our video on YouTube:


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