Why The Nevada Gold II is the Best Pull Tab Ticket Salesperson

If you’re selling pull tab tickets, you've chosen a fantastic way to raise funds. If you’re having your employees sell them, however, you have room to grow!

Here are seven great reasons why using a pull tab ticket dispenser like the Nevada Gold II will send your pull tab ticket sales into the stratosphere.

1. It's the Fastest Pull Tab Ticket Dispenser on the Market

Part of the fun of purchasing pull tab tickets from a pull tab ticket dispenser is watching the tickets shoot out. The Nevada Gold II pull tab ticket dispenser blows other machines out of the water with its speed. Choose a dispensing option and watch the tickets come out in a blur.

2. The Nevada Gold II Features a Variety of Pull Tab Tickets and Dispense Modes

When customers use the Nevada Gold II pull tab ticket dispenser, they can choose from four different dispense modes: Single Dispense Mode, Press-and-Hold Multi-Dispense, Play-All, or Play-All Multi. With an enhanced bill acceptor that’s up to 10 times faster than other machines, it’s easy for them to keep the tickets coming. This model of pull tab ticket dispenser offers a lot of variety to choose from, too, as it can accommodate Arrow International’s full line of pull-tab tickets. The four-column machine is easily expandable to eight columns when you choose to add to your pull tab ticket selection.

3. The Eye-Catching Design Will Attract New Players

When pull tab tickets are stocked in a case behind a cash register counter, some people may not notice them or know what they are. When they’re dispensed in an attractive machine like the Nevada Gold II, people begin to take notice! This newly-updated design features finer lines, a more modern look, and beautifully enhanced LED lighting.

4. The Nevada Gold II Pull Tab Ticket Dispenser is Easy to Maintain

If your pull tab ticket dispenser goes down, that means lost ticket sales. The Nevada Gold II is designed to be durable and reliable. If it does have a problem, however, it’s engineered so that it can be up and running again in no time. In fact, because it gives you the ability to remove individual dispensers, a malfunction may result in no downtime at all.

5. Pull Tab Ticket Dispensers Reduce Labor

Why have your employees spend time selling pull tab tickets when the Nevada Gold II can do it for you? Each front-loading ticket column holds 1,000 tickets, so once the machine is loaded, it’s good to go for a while. Let your employees focus on other areas of the business while your pull tab ticket dispenser handles this part of the job.

6. The Nevada Gold II Increases Security

Another great reason to use a pull tab ticket dispenser is that it adds an additional layer of security to the pull tab ticket sales process. The Nevada Gold II features separate locking compartments for cashbox access and pull tab ticket restocking. It also has an audible security alarm to alert employees if an unauthorized person tries to access or break in to the machine. The machine logs all sales and events such as the door being opened or cash being added to the machine — maintaining these logs even if the power fails.

7. It Will Help You Capitalize on Impulse Buyers

When your pull tab tickets are only for sale behind a counter, you require customers to stand in line, wait, and ask for a specific amount of tickets to purchase. When you offer them via a pull tab ticket dispenser, you provide a huge opportunity for people to wander past and buy on impulse. Why not feed $20 in and play a few pull tab tickets when it’ll only take a second?

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