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Why You Should Be Backing Up Your Player Data in the Cloud

An act of God? A clumsy employee? Electrical power surge? All of these things can destroy your player and payment data more quickly than you might realize, so it’s important to have a backup in place.

Many establishments will use hardware storage to achieve this, in the form of an external hard drive or flash drive; however, these can be destroyed all the same, even if less likely. Another, more dependable option to back up your data is to use Cloud-based storage. Your data is backed up and kept in a remote location, usually on a server with other data, and can be set to continuously push data to the Cloud in the case of damage to your computer or equipment.

Besides the safety against hardware crashes, using Cloud-based storage is a great option for a number of reasons:

Safety of Player Data. First and foremost, player data like contact and payment information must be kept safe from viruses, security breaches, or any other form of data-hijacking. Be sure to use a system like MaxFusion Cloud, which protects sensitive data by using strong encryption and strict authentication in order to transfer and store data.

Simple Reporting Processes. When your player data is stored and organized in one place, it’s much easier to use this data to your advantage when business-planning. With the ability to access the cloud on different devices such as your phone, you are able to instantly use this data to your benefit.

Proof of Regulation Compliance. It’s important to have all your records saved and easily-pulled in cases of audit. If you don’t have documentation to prove your compliance, you may face fines. When it’s well-organized and easily-accessed from different devices, finding and presenting your data is a much smoother process.

These are just a few ways Cloud-storage of your hall’s data is beneficial, but we’d argue they’re the most important reasons. Make sure you’re always taking steps to back-up your data in your bingo hall!

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