Appeal to New Volunteers at Your Bingo Hall

Once your hall is back up and running, you might feel like you're rebuilding from the ground, up. You might consider taking the opportunity to update your sales tactics, hall equipment, or even your snack bar menu. Another thing to consider is, how you currently attract employees, on a paid or volunteer basis. Do you have a hard time bringing in new people who are excited to help? Have you found yourself with a need for more hands-on help than what you currently have? Here are a couple ways you might be able to revive your appeal to potential volunteers.

1. Update your perks. Do you currently offer your employees free game play? Consider sweetening the deal, with a free dinner from the snack bar when they work an evening shift, or maybe a tax-deductible donation to one of your sponsored charities in their name. Raffle off a gas card or other gift card every quarter. (Always be sure to check your local and state or provincial regulations to make sure you're operating and compensating within regulation.)

2. Convey pride. Whether your role in charitable gaming is one of a manufacturer, a distributor, or a worker for an organization, you should feel the personal pride of providing entertainment for players and financial support for needed causes. Make sure your employees and potential employees know that many good things happen every day because of their personal support of the charitable gaming industry and your bingo hall.

3. Show public appreciation. Publish your team's names in your program, or display them on your flashboards during breaks; recognize excellent team members via hall announcements or hanging signage; post on social media if you hold team-building events. There are a lot of ways you can show your appreciation for your team members, and doing so publicly allows your players to see it and might consider joining in.

Do you have any other ways to make being a part of your hall's team more attractive than it already is? Let us know in the comments!

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