Bingo From Home Event Idea: Drive-Through Bingo

Your players are likely stuck inside during this time of social distancing, and whether they have children at home to entertain, or are home alone, they may be looking for a fun and productive way to spend their time. Find ways to help them combat their cabin fever, and provide them with a sense of community they might feel they're lacking by holding a "Drive-Through Bingo" event! Here's how it can work:

Put together packages of bingo paper, an ink dabber, and a set of instructions. Advertise a day and time during which they'll be available for sale outside your hall for a special price-- make sure to use Arrow's Auditrack bingo paper, so winner-verification is still possible, even from afar.

Players can pull up and purchase these packages to take home, and that night (or the next, whichever is more convenient for you and your players), hold a bingo game on Facebook Live for everyone to play from home! We recommend playing coverall games or single-line games in a set number of calls. This way you have a bit of control over how many players can win a given game, and not have to worry about if players call their bingo on time.

Instructions in your drive-by packages should include game rules and parameters, how players can find your Facebook page if they don't already follow you, the date and time of your stream, and prizes being offered to winners. After your game(s), reiterate to players how to verify their win and claim their prize.

Prizes are up to you, but a couple ideas may include free games upon reopening at your bingo hall, or a prize package of products like custom-branded ink dabbers.

Learn more about publishing a Facebook Live stream on Facebook's How-To Page.

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