Checklist: Things to Do Before Reopening

Now is the time to do a deep-dive into making sure your bingo hall in it's best form, as players will be eager to get back into the game once you're hall has reopened. Here is a checklist of actions you can take to make sure your bingo hall is up-to-par and able to best serve your players. Keep in mind, every establishment is a little different, and some items on this list may or may not apply to you. You know your hall best, and can edit this list as needed:

  • Make sure your hall is thoroughly cleaned. Sanitize items and areas that get a lot of foot traffic, and are commonly-used, like door knobs, paper towel dispensers, eating surfaces, vending machines, etc.
  • Assess your signage, inside and outside of the building: are they easy to see and read? Are they enticing? Is all information up-to-date? Could they use a stylistic update? Now might be a good time for updated advertising.
  • Is the parking convenient enough at your establishment? Do you have a lot, designated spaces, or parking vouchers for paid parking lots? Are there any tripping hazards in your lot? Patch any holes, repaint parking space dividers, make sure parking is not something that will keep players away.
  • Consider your floor layout: are tables set up in a way that everyone can see flashboards? Do you have enough flashboards installed in your hall so players can see, no matter where they sit? Are there ample space in walkways for all players to easily navigate your hall, able-bodied or otherwise?
  • Is you equipment up-to-date and in working order? If you're considering trying something new, like a pull tab dispenser, now would be a good time to plan for that.

Leave us a comment with more ways we can prep our bingo halls for reopening!

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