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Keep in Contact With Your Players During Closures: Social Media Post Ideas

Don't let players forget about your bingo hall while they're at home! By keeping your social media feeds consistently updated, players will feel confident and excited to return to your hall upon reopening. Here are some content ideas to keep your social feeds up and running:

  • Spotlight your charities! Players want to know who or what they're benefiting when they play. Now is a great opportunity to build a profile on your sponsored charities. Include photos and logos from any available press kits, a brief description, and a link to their website so your players can learn more.
  • Post about popular games or products in your hall. Are Popp-Opens a big hit in your bingo hall? Post photos and information on games you will be stocking in your hall when you reopen. Are products with licensed characters like Looney Tunes or Cheers popular among players? Post about the specials you offer, or products that might be available to order over the phone for pickup.
  • Game and equipment user guides and instructions. Many players are afraid to try new games or electronic instant win games because they don't understand how to play. Take this chance to post informational material that will make your players more comfortable with these games when they return.
  • Tell your players how much they mean to you! Post well-wishes, let them know you're thinking of them, post any helpful community information they might find useful.
  • Give them behind-the-scenes content. Are you deep-cleaning the hall during your closure? Are you donating food or volunteering services in your community? Let your players know what you're up to, to both help out and to prepare for the future.
  • Post some #Throwback content. Although you don't have any new event info to send out to players, remind them how fun you guys have together with some recycled content.

Do you have any other good content ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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