Protect Our Most Vulnerable and Spread Kindness: Volunteer at Your Local Charities

Now and the coming months will be a time many people will need assistance and services provided by the community, including food banks, blood drives, meal delivery services, and services for the disabled. While it's always a good idea to donate whatever time and resources to help you fellow community members, now it is crucial; not only to help those in need, but to help ease the burden on current volunteers.

Currently, about half of retirement-aged people volunteer in some way in their community. Our senior population comes in face-to-face contact with much of their community this way, and might feel compelled to maintain their volunteerism during a time where that face-to-face contact could be detrimental to their health. Community members who are younger and more immunocompetent can take this opportunity to devote more of their time to volunteering for these services, which would better the health of the community in twofold: but please, always take health precautions for yourself, as to help slow the spread of any virus to yourself or those around you. Learn more about how to do that on the CDC's website.

Is your bingo hall doing anything to volunteer time and services to community programs during closures? If you have unused concession food items that expire soon, consider donating them to a food pantry for those who need it, or team up with your hall employees to help pass them out to your players outside your hall. Do you have rubber gloves, or other items that can be used as personal protective equipment for healthcare workers? Consider donating what you can. We're stronger together!


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