Five Tips to Become a Better Bingo Hall Operator

Being a leader is a significant responsibility, and it’s one that never idles. It’s important to be sure you’re not cutting yourself off from the opportunity to keep learning. Here are five things you can incorporate into your workflow to become a better bingo leader in your hall:

1. Recognize your workers. You can do this by doing things like announcing them during your bingo events or by placing their names in the program. It’s important your employees feel seen.

2. Promote flexibility through ongoing training. Employees can be confident that they can rely on each other for backup, when everyone is well-trained and knowledgeable in multiple areas. Consistent education also maintains a guiding relationship between you and your employees.

3. Attend training, yourself. A restaurant manager cannot efficiently manage without knowing first-hand how to wait on customers, buss tables, or wash dishes. Help the cashier set up your sales area; Learn to use the Point of Sale system; Greet and help seat players; Call a game one night; Take out the trash; Learn about every position in your establishment so you can accurately direct your team.

4. Make yourself available to player feedback. Maintain a positive presence in your hall by making sure your contact information is clearly displayed somewhere players can easily find it, like on signage or in the program. Also, consider executing some player surveys to make sure you’re giving your players the opportunity to speak their minds.

5. Always be willing to adapt and change your system. Don’t let your ego get in the way of being a good leader: If something isn’t working, if players have expressed negative feedback, or if something new has shown itself to benefit your establishment, be ready to make a change and lead your team in a new direction.

We hope you find these tips inspiring. Do you do anything to make sure you’re the best hall operator you can be? Let us know in the comments!

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