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Looking to try a Promotional Session? Try these.

Sometimes a good way to get extra players in the door at your hall is to promote a certain session during the night that appeals to a variety of different people. Here are a couple ideas you may not have tried:

Winner’s Circle

Designate a session as the Winner’s Circle every 4 – 6 weeks. All players that have won certain specials and jackpots may return on that night for a discount or free basic admission package. A drawing for 2 – 3 players (on a regular basis) for the winner’s Circle session can significantly increase the impact on attendance.

Senior Session

Offer a discount for all players 55 and older. Discounted meals will help in boosting attendance even more. Senior sessions are more effective on weekdays and for matinee play. You could also tweak this to bring in a different demographic, such as Ladies’ Nights or Kids/Family Sessions.

Coupon Session

Offer a valuable coupon(s) for discounts or free plays on a particular session during the month. Attach them to the Admission Packs and give them a relatively short expiration date. If possible, the coupons should be valid only during weekday sessions. Coupons due to expire provide a good reason to attend bingo.

Birthday Session

A special birthday discount or package of paper items is provided for the player’s birthday. A driver’s license is required for verification. Players will take advantage of this discount if offered and will typically still end up spending their usual amount.
Birthday Sessions provide a good incentive for players to show up for bingo that might not otherwise be there. Some organizations offer this promotion only on the day or week of the player’s birthday. Games that play multiple per week may offer this on a particular day-- choose a day with commonly mediocre attendance to help encourage more people to come on that day. This discount can be valid on every Tuesday of the month, for example.
A package of Warm Ups, select Specials, Late Nights, and a Happy Birthday Dabber can be offered after the Admission Package and can rely on purchases of Warm Ups and Specials in addition to this.

Promotional Sessions give players a sense of urgency to get into your bingo hall (“I have to use my Birthday discount before the end of the month!”), and may also entice different audiences to come by and try out bingo! Good luck!

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