Manage Your Bingo Hall Effectively – Part 1, The Caller

What is it that makes a Bingo Hall successful? From customer service to the styles of games that you run – all of this should be considered. But successful bingo hall managers will always refer to several key points again and again. In a series of posts, we’ll cover several key areas where you can make some improvements to successful hall management.

First up...

The Caller

In our previous blog post, Bingo Spy – Improve Your Hall by Going Undercover, we talked about visiting your hall anonymously to hear what your patrons REALLY think! Listen to your player’s opinions and seek out callers that will add comfort and confidence to your games.

A hall manager should try and choose callers that will be able to please as many of the players as possible. Certainly, it isn’t possible to please everyone all of the time. However, the caller commands the rate at which your evening’s sessions are carried out. He or she should be observant and energetic and able to adjust their calling pace and/or know when the players are ready to begin the next game.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 9.38.02 AMAn experienced caller will also get into the rhythm of the game and note that the speed of play will differ according to the games that are being played and the point at which a game is at, because games tend to go faster the further along they are. Additionally, interaction between the caller and the floor attendants is crucial. The caller should pay close attention to the crowd and help the attendants find players who are looking to purchase additional items between games such as bingo paper or pull tabs.

A knowledgeable, personable caller who is aware of the general atmosphere of the hall at any given moment can add immensely to the overall enjoyment level of your customers.

That’s all for this tip, check out next week’s post when we explore some tips that can make your floor walkers/volunteers more effective.

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