Turn Your Bingo Players into Dumpster Divers

Looking for a promotion opportunity? Try Bingo Dumpster Diving! This is an easy and fun extra to add to your bingo event, in which everyone can participate and encourages players to purchase more bingo cards.

How to Play

Players are encouraged to write their name on the back of their used bingo cards and throw them into a designated “dumpster”—a can, barrel, trashcan, or whatever else you have on hand. Collection can go on for a full week, and players can add as many cards as they like (in other words, as many game plays as they care to purchase). Once a week a winner is “dug” out of the trashcan to win a designated prize, and the can is emptied for collection to start over for the following week.

Why It’s a Good Idea

Bingo Dumpster Diving gives players more ways to win at your bingo events, even if their papers are losers. This gives extra incentive to keep coming back to add to the “can.” Also, this can be a great opportunity to bring in extra profit by partnering with local companies to donate prizes. The promotion is easily scaled—prizes and promotion length can be as minimal or extravagant as you’d like!

How to Make it Successful

In order to run your promotion smoothly, there are a couple things you should make sure you do:

Clearly post the rules. It helps to post the rules over or close to the “Dumpster,” including the requirements, “Must be present with valid ID to win. Valid with bingo paper purchases from this bingo hall only. Management reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time.” This transparency ensures there is no question over the rules of this promotion.

Figure out the best day to operate the promotion. Is there a particular day of the week where participation is higher? Could you use this promotion to bring in more players on a day where attendance is lower? Consider these possibilities when planning at your own bingo hall.

Make sure the winner is present. Of course your winner should be present to win! It seems like an obvious stipulation, but the reason is because participants will want to make sure they’re present at your bingo hall, in case they win the Dumpster Dive: this gives you higher participation and attendance.

What to Do After It’s Over

After your Dumpster Dive promotion has ended, make sure to measure its success. Did this generate any new or extra participants? Does this compare to past promotions? Did players have a positive experience with this promotion, or express any extra interest? If so (or if not), it’s important to keep that in mind when planning future promotions. A great way to find and measure this information is to administer customer surveys. Read more about Customer Surveys and why you should consider them here.

Another thing to make sure you do after your promotion is over is to post about it on social media! Show your followers all the fun things you’re doing and encourage them to attend the next one.

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