What People Are Saying About the Best (And Worst) Bingo Halls

We read through online reviews for many bingo halls in different cities around the country and noticed a lot of similarity in what reviewers were praising… and what they were criticizing. Here are a few in particular that stood out to us, and ways you can make sure your bingo hall is one that customers will praise and recommend.

Workers’ attitudes: Many reviewers commented on the friendliness of the people serving customers (or lack thereof), from the person greeting customers at admission, to the people walking the floor and selling games, to the staff at your snack bar. They make a much bigger impression than you might think, and are your closest point of contact from your establishment to your players. Consider checking in often with your staff and your players to ensure a good rapport is being maintained.

Players’ attitudes: As well as the staff’s attitude, reviewers had much to say about the players who sat around them during their bingo experience. Positive reviews mentioned how welcoming the other players were, and how quick they were to jump in and help out with new players around them, and even share their ink dabbers with new players. Negative reviews also mentioned players’ attitudes, pointing out when players are not-so-friendly. This might seem like something you are unable to control, but you are capable of influencing the player atmosphere in your hall: does your caller encourage players to cheer for other winners? Maybe you can designate some seating to be “community” tables, in which players who are interested in socializing during the game can sit and play. Get creative! A friendly atmosphere in your bingo hall is priceless, and people around you are always willing to respond to kindness with more kindness.

Quality of your Caller: Another topic frequently mentioned was the quality of the bingo hall’s caller. Too fast? Too slow? Unfair? Make sure your caller is calling in a manner that works best for your customers, and that they are adhering to the rules of the game.

Parking availability: If this is something you can manage or control, make sure your players are able to easily and safely park and enter your bingo hall. If you don’t have designated parking or a parking lot, consider validating or giving players vouchers for paid parking. Many poor reviews mention the inconvenience of finding parking or parking too far away, or turning around and going back home because they couldn’t find a place to park.

Service/Food: Does your establishment serve food, or allow players to bring their own food? Many reviewers commented on the quality of the fare offered at bingo halls, whether positively or not. Halls will the best reviews mentioned table service, in which waiters and waitresses took orders and served food to players while they played. It might be something to consider—leave snack bar menus at tables to encourage food sales without taking players away from the game.

Variety/Ease of Games: Many commenters noted how easy or difficult it was to jump in at bingo halls and get into the game, and noted how easy it was to do so when the hall had informational packets to provide players, which explained the order of games and the rules. Others mentioned how easy it was to follow along at halls that had many flashboard screens around the hall.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what players look for in a bingo hall, and will inspire you to make some changes for the better (or reinforce what you’re already doing!). Your player base is your number one source when researching ways to better your game—it’s always important to maintain good communication to make sure you’re providing an experience they value! Read more about how to conduct a customer survey in our blog post.

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