Burnside Bingo in Sioux Falls is more than just a BINGO Hall

This local news station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota featured the Burnside Bingo hall, a family-oriented bingo hall that benefits the charity Giving Hope Inc. Giving Hope awards grants to various organizations that benefit children in the Sioux Empire and provide their facilities to these organizations to utilize for fund raisers.

We like that this hall not only helps children, but encourages families to bring children to play and participate in activities! Burnside Bingo is a great example of how things like fundraisers, concessions, and activities for a variety of people contribute to the success of a bingo hall. Check out their website here for more information.

In the video, President of Giving Hope Inc Neil Hlebichuk explains more about the cause and the bingo hall. You can see the news clip here on the KSFY Network website.

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