Soon you'll be able to drink wine at bingo in New York

If you're a regular bingo player, you're probably already aware of the alcohol regulations that surround bingo and charitable gaming, which often stifles sales and attendees at  places like VFWs and community centers. This limitation is what most sets the United States apart from European gaming culture, with companies like Bongo's Bingo and Mecca offering a more party-like atmosphere during bingo gaming.

Different states have different regulations, but in New York, these places can only serve beer if they have a full liquor license and bar, and if the game is being conducted within that bar. Soon that will all change, as Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill into law that allows nonprofit organizations to serve beverages like wine, cider, and mead during bingo games.

How would this impact your bingo hall? What are the regulations in your state?

Read the Democrat & Chronicle article here.

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