Tennis Star Relaxes With Bingo

With a full regimen of physical training, tennis star, Sloane Stephens works hard to keep up her insane level of fitness. She's an incredible athlete whose speed and court-covering ability make her a nightmare to play against. And second, she’s an absolute beast physically.

And while great workout routines make the best athletes, superior cool-down techniques are what keep them healthy and firing on all cylinders throughout the season. For Stephens, that means a mixture of stretching and relaxation. For Stephens; she likes to relax with a good game of Bingo!

“Yeah, I love bingo,” Stephens said. “Super fun, relaxing. I can go with my boyfriend, well fiancée, you know what I mean. It's just like fun and something to do. 

Between her busy workout schedule, and various tennis tournaments throughout the year, it's nice to hear that Stephens can fit in a game of bingo.

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