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Wadzinski earns prize from bingo

One of the more interesting bingo prizes we could imagine: a 3D-printed piano! 12-year-old Elaina Wadzinski in Boone, Iowa, won her local library's reading bingo, which allowed her to enter a raffle for a prize of her choosing. Hilariously, the news article does not mention the fact that the piano prize is a miniature statue of a piano, not an actual piano, and we wonder if that fact was mentioned to Elaina when she chose the prize. Elaina can be seen holding the tiny piano in an image in the article

We're interested in hearing about the most interesting, strange, or disappointing prize you've ever seen at a bingo hall-- leave a comment and let us know. Would you ever consider organizing or attending a bingo event that had unconventional prizes, life-size or otherwise?

Read the Boone News-Republican article here.

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