Manage Your Bingo Hall Effectively – Part 4 The Most Important Tip

So far, this series has focused on improvements in managing your hall. Part 1 addressed the caller, part 2 focused on floor walkers and part 3 gave ideas on improving gameplay. Now we’re ready to share the most important tip…

Player Feedback

The old adage, ‘the customer is always right’ applies to your bingo hall as well. Soliciting and responding to customer feedback is an excellent way to find out what your players REALLY think of your hall.

Pass out customer comment sheets and change up the questions regularly to gauge all areas of your sessions which may need to be altered. And don’t limit the questions asked to just your hall. Many players will play at other halls around town and you can gain vital insight to what those other halls are doing; what pull tabs or bingo event games they’re playing, what kind of food they’re serving, or anything at all that you can use in your hall to make improvements.

Managing a bingo hall successfully involves many moving parts as we’ve seen from this series. But what it comes down to is keeping your players happy.

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